A Unique Custom Curated In-Person Experience for Action-Taking Entrepreneurs Ready to Win Big in Business & Life

"The truth is… yes, I was on Shark Tank, and yes, my business did double from appearing on Shark Tank compared to the month before, BUT... my business quadrupled from that after working with Allen.

- Elizabeth Granados, CEO, Little Nomad
The Fast-Track For Accomplished Entrepreneurs Who Want Bigger Results Now
Do you have a ‘crazy’ goal to scale your business, increase your personal wealth, and create an experience-rich life?

Are you’re looking for a revolutionary change, but need a sustainable strategy and proven methodologies? 

Are you open-minded, big thinking, and excited to learn from high-achieving business owners?

If so the Round Table Mastermind is a perfect fit. 

Join our all-inclusive retreat to break through the plateau, make priceless connections, and accelerate your business and life. 

Get ready to Scale Up - in all areas of your life
Immersive & Intimate
Quality time spent like no-other mastermind.

We’ve all sat in board rooms or stale environments hoping to learn something that will grow our business. 

This is FAR from that.
And it’s By-Design.

We build an environment that will force you to focus on your next steps. Will push you further, faster. And will give you the opportunity to experience life (and your business) on a new level. 

Our locations and settings are to help you break out of the day-to-day and shift your perspective on what “work” means.
Custom Learning
NOT the hot potato masterminds of the past.

By understanding where you’re at and where you want to go, we are able to deliver a custom tailored experience to provide you with incredible value.

Calls leading up to the event, we understand your exact needs and help you leapfrog your learning curve.

Discover the cutting-edge methodologies and strategies needed to achieve your big goals.

With expert sessions on scaling, marketing, productivity, capital raising, exit strategies, and personal development, you’ll have plenty to implement. 
An expanding network of other rockstars. 

With quality social time built into the weekend, there’s plenty of space for transformational conversations with other attendees. 

Share stories, pool experiences, and catalyze each other’s growth.

Our environments are completely confidential, we vet each attendee. So there’s no need to feel nervous about the person sitting next to you. 

Most likely, by the end of the event, they’ll be a close friend.

Access to the World’s Largest E-Commerce Companies
NOT while someone talks on a stage several rows up.

Learn from the leaders in the space. I’m talking $50mm+ $100mm+ companies.

Not while someone talks on stage several rows up.

But by walking their offices and learning from the team. Get complete access to companies that are unreachable. 

Learn directly from them: how they operate, run marketing, create products, focus on brand, and build culture.

A Weekend that will Transform 
the Rest of your life
  • Exclusive mansion location: Mastermind in a handpicked location that inspires exponential thinking. Relax in new and luxurious surroundings with all meals taken care of by our private, in-house chef.
  • Capped at 12 entrepreneurs: Leverage the collective experience of an intimate group of badass business owners. This weekend we all get get smarter together.  
  • Learn. Collaborate. Strategize: Get insights and ideas from Allen, his personal Rolodex, and your fellow masterminders. It’s everything you need to create breakthrough results when you’re back inside your business.
  • Scale your business and your life: Building a bigger business means nothing when you’re not successful in your life. Discover how to use business as a vehicle that drives personal development and fuels an experience-rich life.
What To Do Next
The Round Table Mastermind is for entrepreneurs who run 6 and 7-figure businesses. 
You’ll have an e-commerce business, but that’s not a requirement (as long as you support the e-commerce world).

You’re an action-taker who thrives in discomfort and is willing to take risks and be challenged. 

You have huge ambitions for your business and your life and you’re ready to unlock even more. 

You’re open-minded and happy to be challenged. You’re willing to discuss where you’re struggling with other attendees because you know that honesty with yourself is the catalyst for rapid growth and transformation. (leave your ego at the door)

Does that describe you? 

If so, fill out the application form now to express your interest and to schedule a call with our team.

When your slot is confirmed, you’ll speak directly with us so we can better understand your businesses and challenges to help you get the most from this transformational experience. receive a link to complete the Attendee’s Data Sheet. This contains a series of deep dive questions that will help you get clarity on what you want to bring to the event and what you want to take away. With the thinking done in advance of the meet-up, you can dive straight in with the work of finding your answers and clocking up your takeaways. 
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